This is  one work. It is still continuing.  It is like 
a collage but one that happens in bits over a long 
period of time - three and a half years so far.

Each window is not quite a piece in the conventional 
sense of gallery work. They are deliberately simple. 
Designed to be seen from the bus, car or by passing 
pedestrians. Each one leaves you slightly dissatisfied, 
wondering what comes next

They have always been unlabelled on site though 
they are listed and mailed through the art press.  
The fact that I don't label them, that I'm anonymous 
unless you happen to meet me on the street  may 
be frustrating for some people but it also leaves you 
free to make what you like of them.  

People ring  the doorbell or leave notes with their 
comments. They meet me in the street when I clean 
the window or  video and photograph the work. 

The video and people's comments have become a diary, 
a documentary - a series of anecdotes and opinions 
which surround the windows themselves. You 
may add your comments by using the email address:

I'm interested in the way even a simple and 
apparently banal image or phrase can have multiple 
meanings. Art objects don't function in isolation. 
They function in a context. In the gallery that 
context is clear but on the street it is blurred.
Putting images on the street is a form of 
investigation. I don't know what the piece will be 
like until it is on the window. They don't always 
work in the way I expect. People don't always 
react in the way I expect. The uncertainty is part 
of the fix.

I am appropriating the context in which I work and 
making it visible. The "shopping" for materials, the 
comments of passers by are part of my work. The 
windows themselves are just one element  which 
fits into a niche in the  the street - they're part 
of an  urban ecology.

They are also a mediator between me, the mostly 
invisible artist, and you, the audience. 

I'm signalling wildly through the glass. Do you 
get the message?