This project has had help from a lot of people:

The Web Site

James Waite gave help with design. gave space on their server.

Sapphire Gin and J&B Whisky sponsored the launch. 

Netcreations gave free postings to all major 
search engines.

The Windows

Several of the windows had  sponsorship in the 
form of material donations. The "shopping" is 
an important (and enjoyable) part of the work.

LRC products provided the gloves for Marigold

Thorn Security lent the camera for Security

Smith + Nephew gave Elastocrepe bandages for  
Love Hate

Camden Garden Centre provided the trees for 
Wood I  and Wood II

Other companies who have helped with materials 
research or made special deliveries include Almo 
Stationery, Taverners, the confectioners, 
Borovick Fabrics, Robert Horne Paper Company.

The London Arts Board gave it a grant in 1995.

Skills, assistance and backup were provided by:

John, Richard and Gina at Islington Media 
Resources, Mike at Tape Typing, Steve at 
Regent Advertising, Kay Roberts, Gareth 
Winters, Philippa Sulkin, Sara Jolly, Sue 
Ormerod, Vivien Cartwright, Allen and 
Nilgun Charlton,  Jason Lowe, Stephen 
Hepworth, Graham White, Adrienne 
Burrows, Charles Fletcher, Sam Ellenby 
Peter Ellenby and many more.