After Dark Part One
"What is it? It's been driving me mad. A lot of people
round here are talking about it."

"I'd forgotten about it and was passing on the bus 
and saw this bright blue light and realised this 
must be it. It's very urban. You should get someone 
to photograph it from the bus."

"Your blind's down. We can't see in."


"It's a very sophisticated piece. I love the way 
the street light changes the blue"

"What is it? What's it for? Why are you doing it?"

"It's very Turrell. Are there any performances?"

After Dark Part Two

"Is he with the Woolwich?"

"What's shocking is the expanse of colour when you 
suddenly come on it."

"That's nice. Do you go to church?"

"At first it seems quite normal but the more you 
think about it the odder it gets"

"I loved the first one. It was really beautiful 
but I don'tlike this, it makes me think of 

"It's a load of fucking bollocks. It's a load of 
fucking bollocks."

"I couldn't help notice your banner here Are you 
an organisation or just a residential house?......
Spot on. May God be with us and all our endeavors".

"There's worse inside than there are outside."

After Dark Part Three

"Can I buy it? I'm opening a new restaurant and 
the question marks would be great in the window 
till it opens. I'll give you 50 for it."


"I love this one. It's so peaceful"


"They're lovely. Do you sell gloves?"

"They're lovely. You could do a lot of washing 
up with all those gloves."

"This is Ansell gloves. We heard a news item about
 your window on GLR."


"We were told there was a sex shop round here."


"I've been leaving messages for you on the camera. 
 Did you get them?"


"I'm not sure about this one. Its a bit too much 
like art."

"Did you know you can see in?"

"Why's it white?"


"Very carnal. It's about desire."

"I thought it was lipstick smeared on the window."


"Miss Mmmmmmm
 V-negative - even if it is in marshmallows - 
 (and even if you are trying to make some comment
 you've got it wrong - there is only a resounding 
 YES- where I come from.


 Stef + Millie

"What are you protesting against?"

"What are you protesting against?"

"What are you protesting against?"

"Are they marshmallows? Can we have some?"

Delicious Hot or Cold

"Is this a restaurant?"


"There's man hanging in your window. We saw him 
from the bus. We've called the emergency services."


"What's hold."
"Are there going to be some more?" 

"We loved the gloves best."


"Did you  know the Love Hate tattoo was first 
on Robert Mitchum's hands in that movie, Night 
of the Hunter? That's where it comes from."

Not Now

"What like, 'Not now I've got a headache.' ?"

Rainbow or Dog Saliva

"Its a bit pretty."

"We like your post it notes."

"What's it say? I can see there is a 
message but I can't quite read it from 
the bus"         

"I can see Lick but I can't see what's 
on the other side."

"Oh I can see. It says Dog lick."

Light Ladder

"Well at least it tells a story. Not like 
that cow in the Tate. It's about a man who 
was trying to change a light bulb and fell 
off the ladder".

"Its the scaffold. Or a stairway to heaven."

"We like this one. It's like our house at 
the moment. Empty rooms with ladders."

Wood I and II

"Its wonderful. Magical We just wanted 
to tell you we love it."

"We love them. We're always waiting to see 
what's next. My Mum always asks me what's 
on now."

"Plenty of trees."

"I like the chopped ones. Don't you think 
it's a bit cynical?"

"What's it about. I pass here every day on 
my way to get my cannabis. I'm always stoned. 
Sometimes I stand for 15 to 20 minutes and
stare at them. I loved those gloves. They 
were amazing, really weird. I stared at them 
for hours."

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