Maggie Ellenby was born in Newcastle on Tyne 
UK and educated in Britain and the United States. 
She has  a postgraduate degree in International 
Relations from Yale, USA and an MA in Fine Art 
from Goldsmiths College London.

Since 1993 her main project has been the 
windows at Rosebery Avenue which have been  
supported by generous commercial sponsorship 
and for which she received a London Arts Board 
Grant in 1995. 

Shown here are some examples of gallery based 

Photograph II, detail, 1990. Latex rubber and 
3000x1830mm. variable. 
British Telecom New Contemporaries. 


".... A deft use of the soft artificial material, a 
brilliant antidote to the literalness of the walking 
boot and sycamore stalk brigade." City Limits

"The virtues of simplicity shine through. Maggie 
Ellenby pours lead shot on to rubber sheeting to 
create elaborate stillnesses, every time." Observer

"Relaxed, tactile, sensuous." Time Out

Dark Photograph,1992. Latex rubber, 
photoluminous pigment and electronic flash 
and time switch set to a 15 minute cycle. 
Clove Building, Butler's Wharf, London. 


"If this has nothing to do with sex I'm Mother 
Teresa of Calcutta." Time Out

Green 1990. Killas rock and latex rubber.

"HANEBO, nalieva, on the left, 1987-1993." 
Photograms of dead flies. 
Framed, 2(1760x1450) + 1760x680mm. 
Flexible Response, Atlantis Upper Gallery,
London and  King's Court Bath.

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