Leaf Bugs Information 1997
Cornelia Hesse-Honegge, a scientific illustrator from Zurich,
Switzerland has, since 1987, made a study at her own expense
on the health of leaf bugs (Heteroptera) in areas polluted by
radioactivity from the Chernobyl cloud and in close or off 
wind areas around nuclear power stations in Switzerland, 
Sellafield, Great Britain, Chenobyl in the Ukraine, Three 
Mile Island and Peach Bottom Plant in the USA and Krummel in 
Germany.She claims that artificial nuclear radiation in low 

doses is very harmful to leaf bugs and vegetation and

illustrates in small water colours all the details of the 
deformites she has found in the insects she has studied. Her 
work places her in opposition to scientific orthodoxy, which 
says that low doses of radiation are not dangerous to 
wildlife. She is not only very worried about what she finds 
around nuclear power plants, compared to non polluted places,
but also by the lack of scientific interest in independent 
research in this area. She hopes that the pictures of damaged
leaf bugs will make people understand that our everyday 

pollution of nature not only can cause irreversible damage

to our genetic material but also the loss of many species 
along the food chain Through the medium of her pictures she 
asks if this is what you want and poses you some questions.

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger has recently shown:
Nach Chernobyl: 23rd November to 10th January 1997 at 
Oxford University Museum. 
For information contact The Laboratory
The Future's Mirror: November 17th to January 19th 1997 at 
Tullie House, Carlisle.
For more information contact Locus+